The Artist

The Artist

Passionate about painting from very early on: mountains and princesses were the major motifs when I was a five-year old. Later on, religion and an interest in Native Americans enlarged the scope of my painting world.

Mountains still play a considerable role in my painting oeuvre nowadays, expressing a mysticism of nature. My paintings are inspired by pantheistic feelings, a universe in which nothing is what it seems to me at the first sight, in which humans and landscapes merge together in colour-intense sceneries, and in which trees dominate. For of all constructions built by nature trees have the greatest magic.

Birds are also among my favourite motifs. Currently, I'm working on a series of water colour paintings featuring these wonderful creatures of the trees and skies and on the acrylic painting "The Kingfisher". Since 2009 Berlin’s urban landscapes – architecture and parks - fascinate me. Being a huge and varied city, Berlin offers a vast amount of geometrical patterns I love to put into contrast against the organic forms of nature. Acrylic paint is the material of preference for these kinds of painting.

In 2005/2006 another long-term project has started with my Beatles water colour paintings. The rock star project is about water colour paintings inspired by the music, the lyrics and the lives of famous rock musicians. Following works are on the list:

  • David Bowie/John Lennon >> The Tree of Fame >>this painting is currently in the planning stage
  • Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Heaven
  • David Bowie: Heroes
  • Kate Bush: Hounds of Love
  • ABBA: The Eagle
From 24 August until 18 October 2013, the exhibition of my paintings from the years 2009 to 2013 took place in the library of Wilhelmsruh. I would like to thank those who came to see my paintings and for the support by the association "Leben in Wilhelmsruh e.V."