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You can book walks for spring next year (2017)!

Otherwise I'm currently researching the life of a Baroque opera singer, who worked with G.F. Handel - it's part of an art project:

Online teaching has become a specialty of mine. Please see poster below. The first half an hour is free and can be booked as a trial class.

Here a spring poem of mine:
Sculptures of Nature

Each tree a sculpture
Carved in wood by nature,
Intertwined bodies,
into, around, against
each other,
with thousand arms
grasping for the sky.
Each trunk a torso,
Curve and cavity,
Infinite abstraction…

The winter is the best exhibiting season
for these pieces of art…
…and the winter is gone.
Now nature wraps these artworks
in green gowns!
The willows are made to grow
long wavy hair
that covers quite a bit;
The larch, too,
is quickly robed in green;,
The birches are adorned
with green hair clusters ;
Other trees even with red ones.

And from the arms
tiny little green fists
make their way into the light of the world.
Which invisible sculptor
forms these leaf babies into millions of
Breath giving hands?

Walk vouchers are available!!

In the gallery (please scroll down there) you will find paitings from the series "FEATHERED CREATURES".
A beautiful BIRD BOOK is available for orders (15x20 cm), 20 € (including postage).
I work on commisson as well, so if you fancy ordering a particular painting as birthday present, for example, you are most welcome to order a painting (and it won't cost much!).


Thank you for visiting my website. Wishing you a great time looking through its pages.

The Artist

Passionate about painting from very early on: mountains and princesses were the major motifs when I was a five-year old. Later on, religion and an interest in Native Americans enlarged the scope of my painting world.

The Tour Guide

History is another passion of mine and to live this passion I have taken up this career path. For a constructive future the knowledge of history is essential and with this in mind I intend to give you a lively account of Berlin’s story.

The translator

German was my first foreign language at the age of six. Hesitatingly I picked it up, but eventually I interpreted at the kindergarten from German into Polish and vice versa. This was 1982.